1. [Tutorials] Mandarin Chinese Love Vocabulary Is love the universal language? Maybe – but deep gazes and long sighs only go so far. Eventually the need for practical communication kicks in.
    2017-04-22 14:48:45+0800
  2. [Tutorials] Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history. It is the grandest and the most important annual event for Chinese people.
    2016-11-25 10:10:08+0800
  3. [Tutorials] 150 Sentences for Chinese Daily Communication Here are 150 Sentences for Chinese Daily Communication.They will be helpful to foreigners who did not know Chinese. Practice mroe makes your life easier in China.
    2016-07-10 15:29:02+0800
  4. [Tutorials] 日本人必学的中国语100句 这是一篇日本人到中国后必须要学习的100句日常生活用语,包含了吃、穿、住、行等方方面面的常用句式,这对初到中国的日本朋友是一篇非常实用的中文入门手册,也是一本有用的生活助手。
    2016-01-06 16:13:45+0800
  5. [Tutorials] Do Not Be Afraid of Making Mistakes When Learning Chinese Generally, anyone Mandarin(普通话pǔtōnghuà) learners know that making blunders(错误cuòwù) can be a common thing with regards to studying this language. As a matter of fact, if you are not ma
    2014-03-07 07:00:00+0800
  6. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L27: You did well in the exam. Congratulations! In the classroom the teacher returns graded exams to the students. Dachuan is happy with his grade. Sun Dachuan congratulates him.
    2014-01-15 07:00:01+0800
  7. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L26: Let's go to see Beijing Opera tomorrow! Dachuan comes to Wang Jun's home as a guest. Dachuan is very interested in the Peking Opera masks that addorn Wang Jun's home. They make an appointment to see Peking Opera together.
    2014-01-13 07:00:00+0800
  8. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L29: What plans do you have for the holiday? Winter vacation is coming. Dachuan, Wang Jun and Li Mei are making a snowman while discussing what to do for the break.
    2014-01-12 07:00:01+0800
  9. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L30: I'm returning home. At a restaurant Dachuan invites Gao Qiang to eat "huoguo (hot pot)" and to say goodbye to him.
    2014-01-11 07:00:00+0800
  10. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L25: Sorry. I'm late. The people are just about to blow out the candles at Lei Mei's birthday party when there is a knock on the door.
    2014-01-10 07:00:01+0800
  11. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L24: What a beautiful dress! Hu Man comes to Li Mei's home to attend her birthday party. She says that Li Mei's cheongsam is very beautiful.
    2014-01-09 07:00:00+0800
  12. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L23: Can you come to my birthday party this Thursday evening? On a street in campus, Sun Dawei meets Li Mei holding many things that she bought from the supermarket.
    2014-01-08 07:00:00+0800
  13. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L16: How much is this clothes? Dachuan is strolling in a clothing store and sees cheong-sam and Tang Dynasty garments of different colors and styles. He wants to buy a red cheong-sam for Li Mei.
    2014-01-07 07:00:01+0800
  14. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L17: My stomach aches very badly. Dachuan is wakened by the alarm clock in the morning. He doesn't want to attend class, so he rings his teacher Mr. Zhang and tells him that he is sick.
    2014-01-06 07:00:00+0800
  15. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L18: What's your opinion on this issue? Li Mei and Dachuan are seeing a horrible movie. Li Mei feels sick, and Dachuan falls asleep from boredom. After the film ends, Li Mei asks Dachuan what he thought about the film.
    2014-01-05 07:00:00+0800
  16. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L20: Have you ever been to the Jiuzhaigou Valley? Dachuan and Sun Dawei are watching TV. The program "World View" is being broadcast. They discuss the program while watching it.
    2014-01-04 07:00:00+0800
  17. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L21: Excuse me. Is there any vacant room? Sun Dawei, Dachuan, Li Mei and Hu Man go to Jiuzhaigou. They are very tired when they arrive. They go to a hotel to book rooms but find that there are no rooms available.
    2014-01-03 07:00:01+0800
  18. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L22: How delicious the mooncakes are! Dachuan is reading books in the library when Sun Dawei approaches Dachuan and tells him that today is a traditional Chinese holiday.
    2014-01-02 07:00:00+0800
  19. [Tutorials] Word List of Ball Games This article talks about Word List of Ball Games.
    2013-12-31 14:00:00+0800
  20. [Tutorials] Learn Chinese L15: The weather forecast says that it will rain tomorrow. In the dorm Dachuan is happily packing things he is going to bring to the seaside the next day. Gao Qiang tells him a piece of bad news.
    2013-12-24 08:00:00+0800