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  1. [Classics] Poem: 凉州词 LiángZhōu Poem 这首诗描绘了戍守边疆的边防将士们的处境,以及他们思念故乡、思念亲人又不能回家的悲凉心情。 The poet depicts the soldiers defending the borders and their yearning for their hometowns and relatives.
    2016-09-25 09:34:54+0800
  2. [Classics] Poem: 登鹳雀楼 Dēng Guànquè Lóu This poem reflects not only the enterprising spirit and farsighted viewpoint of the poet, but also uncover a philosophy that only by climbing up to a new height, one can see further.
    2016-06-04 06:00:00+0800
  3. [Reading] Goodbye Again, Cambridge!再别康桥 Xu Zhimo is romanticized as pursuing love, freedom, and beauty all his life. He promoted the form of modern Chinese poetry, and therefore made tremendous contributions to modern Chinese literatur
    2016-03-22 11:42:06+0800
  4. [Classics] Immortal at the Magpie Bridge 鹊桥仙 The poem praises the famous love between Niu Lang and Zhi Nv who is the seventh daughter of the heaven's King. Their story is also the origin of Chinese Valentine's Day (七夕Qīxī).
    2014-07-15 07:00:00+0800
  5. [Classics] Night Thoughts 静夜思 Li Bai (701-762) was born in Suiye in Central Asia. He went to East China and died at 62 in Dangtu, Anhui.
    2014-07-14 17:00:00+0800
  6. [Classics] To Ganders 咏鹅 Luò bīn wáng(640AD-684AD), a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, wrote this poem at seven years old. He was regarded as the one of the four distinguished poems in early Tang Dynasty.
    2014-07-13 07:00:01+0800
  7. [Classics] A Spring Day 春日 On a spring outing along the river, the poet discovers to his delight that everything in sight has taken on an entirely new look. How come? The vernal wind is blowing across the land.
    2014-07-12 17:00:00+0800
  8. [Classics] A Spring Morning 春晓 Meng Haoran (689~740), a famous poem in the climax of Tang Dynasty, was good at writing pastoral poems.
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  9. [Classics] 逢雪宿芙蓉山主人 In the poem, the poet depicts succinctly and plainly what he observes around him and gives the reader an exuberant imagination.
    2014-07-09 17:00:01+0800
  10. [Classics] Return to My Fields 归园田居 The poem describes what the poet thinks and feels about after his resigning from the official post, working as a peasantat the foot of the southern hill.
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  11. [Classics] On the Stork Tower 登鹳雀楼 This poem shows what the poet sees and feels about as he ascends the high Tower.
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  12. [Classics] A Picture of the Rooster 画鸡 This poem is an inscription on the painting of a rooster, in which the poet uses easy, colloquial language to picture a big, proud white rooster with the bright red crest.
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  13. [Classics] Still Are Thou Away 君不来 This is a poem, in which one expects his kin to return home. What they have been expecting is only distress and dismay year after year.
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  14. [Classics] Goddess of the Moon 嫦娥 The popular Chinese myth has it that a celestial being and a sweet-scented bay inhabit the moon. People tend to imagine the Goddess of the Moon Chang’e living a happy life up there.
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  15. [Classics] A Quatrain 绝句 This poem describes the picturesque surroundings around the thatched hut where the poet lived.The poem well conveys the poet's light heart and broad mind.
    2014-07-01 18:00:00+0800
  16. [Classics] Chang Ge Xing 长歌行 The poem exploits the techniques of metaphor and comparison to illustrate the fundamentals of success. It is a brilliant poem of eternal value used to advise the young to value their youth and ti
    2014-07-01 06:00:01+0800
  17. [Reading] Thinking Of My Brothers On Mountain-climbing Day 《九月九日忆山东兄弟》The poem was written by the poet Wang Wei at his young age when he was in the capital of Chang’an at that time and felt nostalgic for his hometown and family on the Double
    2013-09-05 11:00:00+0800
  18. [Reading] Poem: Lù Zhài 唐诗《鹿柴》 唐诗《鹿柴》This poem depicts what the poet hears and sees in a forest near the place called Luzhai.
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  19. [Reading] Poem: Yǒng Liǔ 唐诗《咏柳 》 唐诗《咏柳》The poem describes the beautiful scenery when the second lunar month arrives.
    2013-06-02 09:00:01+0800
  20. [Reading] Poem: A Suggestion to My Friend Liu 唐诗《问刘十九》 唐诗《问柳十九》The simple and candid language of the poem revealed the poet's carefree and comfortable life.
    2013-06-01 09:00:00+0800