1. [Reading] Lovesickness长相思 It will talk about Lovesickness.
    2017-07-20 18:56:48+0800
  2. [Reading] Tao Yao 诗经 桃夭 It will talk about Tao Yao.
    2017-07-18 18:33:05+0800
  3. [Reading] Seven-character-ancient-verse It will talk about Seven-character-ancient-verse.
    2017-07-17 18:29:47+0800
  4. [Reading] Jinggang Mountain 西江月 井冈山 It will talk about Jinggang Mountain.
    2017-07-16 18:09:37+0800
  5. [Reading] Don't Know Which Direction The Wind Is Blowing It will talk about Don't Know Which Direction The Wind Is Blowing.
    2017-07-15 18:08:32+0800
  6. [Reading] Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again 再别康桥 It will talk about Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again.
    2017-07-14 18:07:25+0800
  7. [Reading] Song of the Wanderer 游子吟 It will talk about a poem of Song of the Wanderer.
    2017-07-13 18:06:21+0800
  8. [Reading] Chance 偶然 It will talk about a poem of Chance.
    2017-07-12 18:04:49+0800
  9. [Reading] A Blossom Tree 一颗开花的树 It will talk about a poem of A Blossom Tree.
    2017-07-11 17:55:56+0800
  10. [Reading] Mĭn nóng悯农
    2017-03-07 12:08:14+0800
  11. [Reading] Fish for the Moon in the Well One evening, the clever man, Huojia went to fetch some water from the well. To his surprise, when he looked into the well, he found the moon sunk in the well shining.
    2017-02-10 18:48:12+0800
  12. [Reading] KuaFu Chased the Sun It is said that in antiquity a god named KuaFu determined to have a race with the Sun and catch up with Him. So he rushed in the direction of the Sun.
    2017-02-09 18:47:25+0800
  13. [Reading] Cheap Tricks Never Last - The Donkey of Guizhou Thousands of years ago, donkeys were not found in Guizhou province. But meddlers were always allured by anything.
    2017-02-09 18:45:02+0800
  14. [Reading] Bian Heh's Jade In the Spring and Autumn Period, Bian Heh in the Chu state got a rough jade on Mount Chu.
    2017-02-08 18:44:13+0800
  15. [Reading] Stopping Halfway, Never Comes One's Day In the Warring States Period, in the state of Wei lived a man called Leyangtsi.
    2017-02-08 18:39:54+0800
  16. [Reading] Ask a Fox for Its Skin Long ago, there lived a young man, called Lisheng, who had just married a beauty. The bride was very willful.
    2017-02-07 18:42:00+0800
  17. [Reading] 跨越种族 狮王和腊肠犬的友谊Lion and dog
    2017-01-19 15:42:44+0800
  18. [Reading] 中国文化 Chinese Culture
    2017-01-03 15:59:34+0800
  19. [Reading] Three Days to See hree Days to See
    2017-01-02 15:45:37+0800
  20. [Reading] Top 10 rules for doing business in China China, the business hub of the world is the dream for many entrepreneur. This market with 10% growth, this billion potential consumers, those 800 million cell phones…offer spectacular opportunit
    2016-10-26 09:53:48+0800