1. [Grammar] Use the rabbit hole effect to learn Chinese “The rabbit hole effect” is another aspect of complementary memory and defeat in detail. There is a lot of overlap between these three concepts, but each offers its own insight into effective l
    2017-09-11 16:00:37+0800
  2. [Grammar] Defeat in detail “Defeat in detail” may sound like a military strategy, and that’s because it is. The concept can also be applied to learning languages, though.
    2017-09-11 15:59:32+0800
  3. [Grammar] Complementary memory If you’ve read the 20 rules for learning (and the write-up here), then you’ll know about interference.
    2017-09-10 15:58:41+0800
  4. [Grammar] 10000 hours of Chinese listening How much Chinese do you listen to on a daily basis? How much time would you estimate you have spent listening to Chinese in total?
    2017-09-10 15:57:39+0800
  5. [Grammar] Sentence branching You may already be aware of the technique of sentence mining and incorporating it into your daily studies.
    2017-09-09 15:56:46+0800
  6. [Grammar] Delete your flashcards This isn’t me turning against flashcards. It’s advice about how to learn most effectively with when you’re using an SRS system.
    2017-09-09 15:54:59+0800
  7. [Grammar] Sentence mining If I could only recommend one technique for learning Chinese more effectively, it would be sentence mining.
    2017-09-08 15:54:04+0800
  8. [Grammar] Understand before you learn Here’s some advice about learning that sounds like it doesn’t make sense: understand before you learn.
    2017-09-08 15:53:06+0800
  9. [Grammar] Sharpening the saw and learning Chinese The point I’m making here is that whilst it is good to sharpen the saw, the best thing you can do is still to find every opportunity to get real input and use Chinese in real situations.
    2017-09-07 15:52:05+0800
  10. [Grammar] How to Learn to Write Chinese: Introduction Anyone can learn to write Chinese if they have the right knowledge and the right approach.
    2017-09-07 15:46:55+0800
  11. [Grammar] Why Randy Hunt is wrong about flashcards I recently came across this article by Randy Hunt arguing that flashcards aren’t just a waste of time when learning languages, but are actively bad for you.
    2017-09-06 15:51:12+0800
  12. [Grammar] A simple test for your Chinese study methods How do you know if your Chinese study methods are good ones? It’s a simple question, and there are some intuitive answers.
    2017-09-06 15:50:02+0800
  13. [Grammar] How to Learn to Write Chinese: The Method The final article in this series on how to learn to write Chinese covers the actual method I would recommend for learning to write Chinese characters. If you haven’t already, read the other two
    2017-09-05 15:48:56+0800
  14. [Grammar] How to Learn to Write Chinese: Key Concepts Once you’ve read the introduction on how to learn to write Chinese, it’s time to get on with learning the essential concepts.
    2017-09-05 15:47:55+0800
  15. [Grammar] Set Up Lifelong Chinese Character Learning in 10 Minutes With just ten minutes of work, you can set yourself up with a Chinese character learning system that will keep your hanzi up to scratch for a lifetime.
    2017-09-04 15:45:27+0800
  16. [Grammar] The 10 best free resources for learning Mandarin Chinese I’ve gathered here what I consider the best free resources for learning Mandarin and ranked them in order of usefulness. I reckon you could learn Mandarin very effectively, for free, using only
    2017-09-04 15:44:11+0800
  17. [Grammar] Five free Chinese podcasts you should be listening to Do you listen to any of these podcasts? Which Chinese podcasts would you add to the list?
    2017-09-03 15:40:34+0800
  18. [Grammar] 10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Chinese Right Now Do you do any of these to fill up spare chunks of time? What other good ways are there to learn Chinese at any given moment?
    2017-09-03 15:39:19+0800
  19. [Grammar] 5 Lies Teachers Tell You About Mandarin Tones Over to you! Do you think it’s true that these misconceptions are often promoted in Mandarin learning? Do you think I’m totally wrong?
    2017-09-02 15:38:11+0800
  20. [Grammar] Numbers are hard in Chinese because you don't understand them in English Numbers are always a stopping point when learning foreign languages.
    2017-09-02 15:37:12+0800