1. [Songs] The Bloom is not a Bloom The Bloom is not a Bloom
    2017-10-17 20:54:02+0800
  2. [Songs] Peach Blossom at Dalin Temple Peach Blossom at Dalin Temple
    2017-10-06 20:46:38+0800
  3. [Songs] Grass Grass
    2017-10-03 20:44:18+0800
  4. [Songs] A Visit to Qiantang Lake in Spring A Visit to Qiantang Lake in Spring
    2017-10-01 20:42:36+0800
  5. [Songs] The Moon Represents my Heart This article talks about The Moon Represents my Heart by Deng Lijun.
    2015-09-09 08:00:00+0800
  6. [Songs] Jacky Cheung 张学友《qingwang》 Jacky Cheung shì xiānɡɡǎnɡ yuètán" sìdàtiānwánɡ" zhīyī ,lìnɡ Jacky Cheung dédào"ɡē shén " de fēnɡhào." qínɡwǎnɡ" láizì zhuānjí.
    2014-08-12 07:00:01+0800
  7. [Songs] A City of Sadness悲情城市 Today, I will introduce a Chinese film which called A City of Sadness (悲情城市bēi qíng chéng shì). So let us have a brief introduction.
    2014-04-09 06:00:01+0800
  8. [Songs] Actors and Singers演员和歌手 This song's name is very interesting. It was written by 28-year-old guitarist, producer, and singer 李荣浩 Li Ronghao and sung by him and 37-year-old actor and singer 陈坤 Chen Kun.
    2013-10-20 08:00:01+0800
  9. [Songs] Rule-Breaking Animals违章动物 Xu Song(许嵩), English name "Vae", is an independent musician in pop music in China.《违章动物》‘Rule-Breaking Animals’ is 27-year-old mainland singer-songwriter 许嵩 Xu Song aka Vae Xu's lates
    2013-10-19 08:00:01+0800
  10. [Songs] Like A Child小顽童 'Like A Child' is Hong Kong Cantonese singer Xie Anqi's song. Xie Anqi is known for her versatile vocal range and expertise in various music genres, especially in jazz.This song is from her lates
    2013-10-17 10:00:01+0800
  11. [Songs] Mr. Lonely寂寞先生 Today, we'll introduce a popular song "Mr. Lonely".At time of translation, this song has generated 1,217,291 listens on QQ Music, while the most popular video clip of Gary Chaw and Hua Chenyu’s
    2013-10-16 10:00:00+0800
  12. [Songs] My Brother Soldiers 我的士兵兄弟 Peng Liyuan, a famous female Chinese singer who has sung many classic folk songs. She is also the wife of President Xi Jinping. "My Brother Soldiers" is her representative work.
    2013-10-15 09:00:01+0800
  13. [Songs] The South of Colorful Clouds 彩云之南 Xu Qianya(Kiya), a Chinese female singer, who has many famous works yet. "The South of Colorful Clouds" is her representative work.
    2013-10-14 10:00:01+0800
  14. [Songs] See my 72 changes 看我72变 Jolin Tsai (born 15 September 1980) is a Taiwanese singer and dancer. She's dubbed as Asia's Dancing Queen due to her diversity of dancing styles. She has also won the Best Mandarin Female Singer
    2013-10-13 10:00:01+0800
  15. [Songs] That stretch of sea 那片海 Han Hong is one of the most famous female singers in China, and she is also a songwriter who specializes in a variety of Chinese folk music. "That stretch of sea" is her representative work.
    2013-10-12 10:00:01+0800
  16. [Songs] Rainbow 彩虹 Yu Quan (Chinese: 羽泉; pinyin: Yǔ Quán) is a popular soft rock duet from Mainland China. They were founded in June 1998 as a duo between Chen Yufan and Hu Haiquan. In 2013, they won the compet
    2013-10-11 10:00:00+0800
  17. [Songs] Thinking of you on a lonely night 想你的夜 Guan Zhe, a Chinese male singer-songwriter and music producer, who has produced many albums for many famous singers. He has ever entered the "Young Singers' TV Contest" in CCTV, but he did not ge
    2013-10-10 10:00:01+0800
  18. [Songs] Chinese song: 'Courage' 勇气 by Fish Leong 梁静茹,马来西亚人,华语著名女歌手,被誉为“情歌天后”。1999年她发布首张专辑《一夜长大》。但她的事业是在她成功发布第二张专辑《勇气》后开始腾飞。畅销单曲《勇气》描写了在爱情里特别是在被禁止的关系
    2013-09-27 07:00:00+0800
  19. [Songs] Existence 存在 Wang Feng is a Chinese rock musician. He was the founder and lead singer of the band No. 43 Baojia Street. ‘Existence’ is his popular song recently.
    2013-09-23 10:00:00+0800
  20. [Songs] Chinese classical instruments: Guqin Guqin,it is a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family with a history of more than 3000 years.
    2013-09-23 10:00:00+0800