1. [Daily News] Evolution of Female Beauty and Fashion in China In ancient China, there were Four Great Beauties-Diaochan, Lady Yang, Xi Shi and Wang Zhaojun - who were so famed for their beauty that, like Helen of Troy, they could overthrow states and cit
    2017-07-23 19:02:34+0800
  2. [Daily News] Have You Eaten Yet? Recently, scientists at NASA discovered seven Earth-sized planets just about 40 light-years away from us, three of them are situated in a habitable zone.
    2017-03-06 12:05:24+0800
  3. [Daily News] The Amazing Bike-Sharing Race The week is not off to a good start for Chinese bike-sharing giant Mobike.
    2017-03-05 12:03:47+0800
  4. [Daily News] New "Monkey King" brings hope to Chinese animation Chinese animated films have come in for some pretty harsh criticism at home over the past years.
    2016-11-01 22:32:43+0800
  5. [Daily News] Peng, Gates make anti-smoking call Peng Liyuan and Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, attend an anti-smoking campaign ahead of the 25th World No-Tobacco Day, in Beijing, May 29.
    2016-08-17 12:04:33+0800
  6. [Daily News] Chinese New Year's Eve resumed as holiday Chinese people will be able to start their week of New Year celebrations -- Spring Festival -- from lunar New Year's Eve again, a date excluded from the holiday last year.
    2016-07-22 13:43:07+0800
  7. [Daily News] 解读“屌丝”文化 Jiědú “diǎosī”wénhuà The word diaosiexplain that men whose upper-class contemporaries, lack influential families, useful social networks for their careers, and most importantly, suitable women to marry.
    2016-07-12 09:35:42+0800
  8. [Daily News] New visa category to attract overseas talents The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passed a new Exit-Entry Administration Law.One of the highlights titled "talent introduction" which aims to attract talented individuals f
    2016-07-10 10:28:18+0800
  9. [Daily News] Casual Gaming in China Casual gaming on computers and on phones like the iPhone is the biggest and most lucrative trend to hit the gaming market in years. Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies, the PopCap game are popular
    2016-06-21 10:14:12+0800
  10. [Daily News] Why Did Qu Yuan Choose to Drown Himself in the River on the Ghost Festival? Why did Qu Yuan choose to drown himself in the river on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month? According to textual research by domestic experts,
    2016-05-23 10:34:12+0800
  11. [Daily News] What Do You Like Least About Living In China? Expats living in China can have unrealistic expectations of what life here should be like, often based on rather warped memories of their home countries.
    2016-05-15 10:33:20+0800
  12. [Daily News] Red Envelopes on Weibo The Weixin team came upon a brilliant idea of taking the Chinese New Year tradition of gifting money into the digital era. Basically, rather than giving red envelopes of money to family and frien
    2016-04-08 13:09:35+0800
  13. [Daily News] China’s college entrance exam begin to reform The English test will be removed from China’s college entrance exam by 2020, according to details of exam and admission reform revealed by the Ministry of Education.
    2016-04-01 13:00:00+0800
  14. [Daily News] China's doctors not part of society's elite Compared to western countries, the social status and incomeof doctors in China is not the highest, so definitelyare not able to attract the best students and the result is that the profession of
    2016-03-31 13:00:00+0800
  15. [Daily News] David Cameron love hotpot & rapid rail In a recent interview, Cameron said he is looking forward to traveling by rapid rail during his visit.When it comes to Chinese food, Cameron said hotpot in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is what he m
    2016-02-29 13:00:00+0800
  16. [Daily News] Topshop into China Kate Moss could lead Topshop into China after the fashion chain's billionaire owner Sir Philip Green said he was in "advanced discussions" to open its first outlets in the country.
    2016-02-28 13:00:00+0800
  17. [Daily News] China: the most 'industrious' nation A recent survey has revealed that China is considered to be the most 'industrious' nation in the world, according to research from Monster Worldwide, in collaboration with Gesellschaft für Konsu
    2016-02-27 13:00:00+0800
  18. [Daily News] The largest Apple store will be open in Beijing Apple Inc. is expected to open a new store in downtown Beijing, its third in the city and sixth on the Chinese mainland, on Oct. 20.苹果公司将在中国内地的第六家零售店即将开业。苹果于10月20日在北
    2016-01-18 10:28:12+0800
  19. [Daily News] 公开课回顾:互联网时代的对外汉语教学 2014年11月9日活动邀请了包括复旦师生、各大在线对外汉语平台的创始人、国内外汉语项目负责人等资深人士参与分享讨论,大约50多名对在线教学有兴趣的老师参加了线下分享,150多名老师参与了线上的讨论和分享。
    2015-12-19 11:20:06+0800
  20. [Daily News] Leftover Woman in China A "leftover woman" (or "shengnv" in Chinese,) officially defined as an urban, educated woman over age 27 who is single. But upon reading feminist websites, she came to believe the term existed to
    2015-09-29 16:00:00+0800